Whatsapp banned - how do I not get locked out of the number?

With Whatsapp marketing experience for over 10000 customers, we will guide you on the main things to do to avoid Whatsapp banned.

Whatsapp banned - how do I not get locked out of the number?

Whatsapp is currently the # 1 tool for sending free messages globally. With a huge and growing number of users. Your customers will be regular Whatsapp users. This is exactly why you should use Whatsapp to reach your customers. But how do I send messages to my customers the most and avoid Whatsapp banning your number? There is no certainty when you can send a batch without getting banned. With Whatsapp marketing experience for over 10000 customers, we will guide you on the main things to do to avoid Whatsapp banned.

Why is Whatsapp banning you?

They now understand that Whatsapp is owned by a private company Facebook and their goal is to maximize revenue and profit. Their property is the user. Now has reached 2 billion monthly users in 2020. The more users, the more reputable Whatsapp. If someone uses Whatsapp to spam information to many people, it will discredit them. This is the reason their systems are constantly scanning for spam messages and will block all of your numbers if you send spam messages.

Did the tool you use cause you to get banned from Whatsapp?

Professionally, Whatsapp can only monitor the activities of accounts on their servers. And so they won't care which tool the message is sent through? And there will be no relationship between Whatsapp banning you when you use this or that tool.

Whatsapp marketing tool is just a system that helps you automatically send messages to customers and manage those messages effectively. We often mistakenly think that the account lockout is due to the use of tools. Completely wrong. Whatsapp is banned because you use the wrong tools.

So there will be no anti-Whatsapp tools banned. Don't be fooled with banned anti-Whatsapp ads.

The main reasons why Whatsapp banned

In each region or country, the WhatsApp system will have its own policies for blocking accounts. And certainly if it is a priority area for development, the initial ban will be less restrictive. This is basically both business and profit. Same action but could be locked again in your country. Stay tuned

1. Send lots of spike messages, especially when using new numbers.
2. Send the same message to a lot of people
3. Use Whatsapp marketing tool for automated spam.
4. Send messages to contacts who are not in phonebook. Whatsapp will understand that you are spamming people you never know.
5. Sending rate is too low. You sent a lot of messages, but the recipients were too few
6. Low response rate. Most of the time the recipients of your messages do not respond.
7. Your recipient has blocked you because they consider it spam. This is the main reason why Whatsapp banned.

Things to do to avoid Whatsapp ban

For the reasons why you have been banned from Whatsapp, we have compiled some basic guidelines to help you carry out Whatsapp marketing effectively.

1. It matters the quantity and frequency of sending

  • Don't believe sending too much news at first. Gradually increase the amount of news over time.
  • Always check the rate of customer response to the message you submit.
  • Delivery frequency: Always ensure that your customers only receive 1 message from you over 7 days.

2. The issue of private content.

  • Good and tailored messages will get more responses.
  • Do not repeat the same message for one person.
  • Campaign-specific messaging drives action.
  • Avoid obscene news, news with bad links.

3. Feedback problem

  • Categorize your customer needs
  • Make sure your content is helpful
  • Save everyone to the list before sending

4. Other issues

  • Don't use wifi, always use 3G or 4G.
  • Don't use tools for mass spamming.
  • Always update new version of Whatsapp.

How can I Activate my Banned WhatsApp Number?

WhatsApp bans accounts in two ways Prohibited, Temporarily and permanently.

With a temporary restraining order you will be restricted from activity and you can account and ask for the ban to be removed. Or the system will automatically remove the ban if the problem is not serious.

When a blocked notification is received, there will be a pop-up with two buttons. Support and cancellation.
To request removal of a ban, choose: Support.

Next, click on for no reason above.

Next, WhatsApp will open your Email Client and compose the message. Don't press submit.

Change recipient email to

This is the email to receive support from WhatsApp.

Compose and state why your number should be unblocked.

You will receive an automatic response that has been reviewed for support.

After about 24 hours, you will receive a response and your WhatsApp number will be activated.

If after 2-3 days, no response. Your account has most likely been banned by WhatsApp

Please return the above information again before moving on to a new plan.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is using the tool a cause of WhatsApp ban?

This is not, the main reason is due to the incorrect way of using WhatsApp marketing tools.

2. How long should the message be sent automatically to the recipient?

Please ensure the interval between messages is above 7 days.

3. How to get high feedback from customers?

Make sure your content is appealing to your customers' needs. Don't send out single messages, campaign messages with related messages.

4. Can I get my account when WhatsApp is banned?

Absolutely if you follow the instructions and your complaint is reasonable.