Tools live stream facebook automatically

The Facebook live streaming and scheduling tool is completely automated. Take your video directly to your customers wherever you are

Normally, to create a live stream on Facebook, you will have to log into your account and open live mode to live stream what you want to show.

You know that facebook also opens the door for developers to do live streaming through an existing video. This is similar to live streaming on Youtube. You have a video and you want to live stream it at the right moment.

So how would you do that?

We have developed the live stream facebook tool from existing video and bring great effect to our clients. You can live stream the video immediately or schedule it to live stream at a specific time.

You need to prepare a good customer acquisition video and follow the steps below or watch a detailed video tutorial

Step 1: Visit our platform and create account

Step 2: Connect and decentralize the facebook page that you want the platform to manage live streams for you

Step 3: Create and schedule a live stream