Send bulk whatsapp message without adding contact

Best 2022 best bulk message on whatsapp sender - Waziper helps you to send bulk whatsapp message without adding contact. How can I send WhatsApp message without number?

Send bulk whatsapp message without adding contact

Sending messages to multiple people at the same time is something that WhatsApp doesn't want. This will make users feel uncomfortable when using the application. They will receive a lot of spam messages every day and they will not like using the app anymore. The sender can also spam the message to a number that is not in the contact list. Naturally if we adhere to some principles and the great support of the tech platforms will help you send bulk whatsapp message without adding contact. Waziper will help you send hundreds of automatic messages daily and still adhere to WhatsApp policies.

What are WhatsApp bulk messages?

You are in need of information to customers by sending WhatsApp messages to each person with or without contacts. Then, For those already in your contacts, you need to compose a message and send them. But for those who are not in your contacts list, you must add them to your contact list before you can send them a message. So what if we can send a message to that directory with just a few steps? One tool that helps you to send a message to many people over a specified period of time is the bulk whatsapp message sender.
Some tools have good links that will help you send more messages in a day without being banned by WhatsApp.

The advantage of send bulk message on whatsapp - Waziper

One great thing and the tool Waziper gives you is to manage multiple accounts and send to many groups of customers. You can create hundreds of groups of numbers. Then add more Whatsapp accounts to the system. Authorize to send bulk message on whatsapp of each group of numbers for each account.

Great features for you when using Waziper
In addition to the main features, Waziper also integrates with auto-reply, Chat bot ... to help you simplify and save the most time when using Waziper.