Top 13 Opportunities of a Career in Digital Marketing in India | Online Digital Marketing Institute In Bangalore

Introduction Our parents and grandparents are also on social media these days. Any person and every business are on a Social Media platform. What else is then required to wait for the digitalization of any given business? A distant memory is those occasions when organizations could support without having any web-based presence. It is presently required. When Covid-19 lockdowns halted the entire world, Digital Channels were safe to Covid-19 outcomes. They behaved like aid for some organizations. Digital Marketing helped in getting by and also enabled them to improve and promote their exhibitions and sales. Organizations requested that their influencers, reach, and convince their followers or buyers on their social media platforms. They also started the transaction of funds digitally. In recent days, businesses and organizations prefer Digital Marketing tools, like Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search Engine Optimization (VSEO), and Data-driven Marketing to improve their quality, lead age, changes, and deals. Such inescapability of advanced diverts is critical in expanding Career in Digital Marketing. According to a new report of Marketing Hiring Trends, 69% of the businesses will enlist more Digital Marketers. The Digital Marketing industry is valued at $68 billion and the Digital Marketing degree is entrancing. In any case, with the correct data, about the career in Digital Marketing in India, you will want to comprehend the choices that are accessible and pick the right one. However, before we get everything rolling, we should reveal some insight into why Digital Marketing is acquiring such a lot of prevalence and the career development of Digital Marketing in India. If you have been hoping to begin your career in Digital Marketing in India or anyplace throughout the planet, we understand it could get somewhat overpowering before all else. In this blog, we will furnish you with all the important data you want before you launch your profession in Digital marketing. Make a point to adhere to the furthest limit of the blog for certain tips on how you can begin a fruitful career in Digital Marketing.

Top 13 Opportunities of a Career in Digital Marketing in India | Online Digital Marketing Institute In Bangalore

Top 13 Opportunities of a Career in Digital Marketing in India

Top 13 Opportunities of a Career in Digital Marketing in India

Below is a rundown of significant paths that provide a career in Digital Marketing and a few more that will give rise to new positions in this field in the coming years. Let’s explore different types of Careers in Digital Marketing

Content Creator 

Content Creator obligations incorporate delivering advert copy to publicize items, composing blog entries about industry-related themes, and promoting the content via social media. It likewise incorporates digital publishing and creating or generating traffic and leads for new businesses. 

Soon, there will be a rise in AR and VR promotional Content as well.

Augmented reality adds digitalized components to a live view frequently by utilizing the camera on a cell phone. Virtual reality offers a vivid encounter that closes out the actual world and causes the virtual world to feel genuine. 

The transformation of AR and VR for advertising will happen rapidly. That is the reason advertisers should be prepared to make content for AR and VR. These abilities will assist them with getting an early launch to utilizing an innovation that proposals to make it extremely simple to impact client conclusions. 

Anyone having industry/freelancing experience of 0-2 years, you would expect a web-based substance author to pay between Rs.3.5 lakhs per annum – Rs.4.0 lakhs per annum. A substance author having experience between 2-5 years can anticipate a lot of pay, around Rs.5 Lakh to 8 lakh/annum. 

Digital Content Producer 

A Digital Content Producer composes, creates, alters, and distributes content and duplicates for an assortment of advanced stages on digital platforms, including sites, blogs, social media, online journals, recordings, email promoting efforts, publicizing efforts, web-based media posts, infographics, whitepapers, and more.

Content is the Digital Marketing establishment. In this manner, we want someone to make it like authors, analysts, visual originators, photographic artists, video editors, and so forth. A solitary blog entry might include this large number of experts we call Content Producers. 

To be one of them, you should have strong composing abilities and profound and consistent learning about language sentence structure. Moreover, it is nice to consistently keep yourself refreshed probably however many subjects as could be expected under the circumstances.

The average compensation for a Senior Content Producer isRs. 8,46,844 every year in India. 

Digital Content Manager

The Content Manager has to realize how to structure the methodology that the Content Producers will follow. 

They are answerable for doing the arranging and the overseeing of the content creation. 

This expert is additionally responsible for making and following a content schedule that is constructed dependent on a crowd of people conducting the examination. 

To do that, the Content Manager has to know the contrasts between each Digital Marketing channel and how to take care of them. Additionally, the expert must be a forerunner in dealing with the producer’s group. 

The Content Manager is answerable for creating٫ improving and keeping up with content fully intent on accomplishing business objectives. Obligations will likewise incorporate raising brand mindfulness by sharing content٫ and observing web traffic and measurements with the interest of keeping up with best practices.

The average salary for a Content Manager is Rs.6,59,086 every year in India. 

Digital Influencer

Digital Influencers are an alternate sort of Content Producers. 

Their picture and content affect many individuals inside a particular crowd, opening a major chance for brands. 

The force to be reckoned with discusses their perspectives, way of life, and other ordinary subjects. The brand might embed its items as per the powerhouse’s specialty. 

To be a Digital Influencer, you need to make unique and individual content, including current and explicit subjects. 

Influencers in online media are individuals who have gained notoriety for their insight and skill on a particular point. They make normal posts regarding that point on their favored online media channels and create huge followings of excited, connected individuals who give close consideration to their perspectives.

The most significant pay for Influencer Marketing in India is Rs.4,76,006 every year. The least compensation for Influencer Marketing in India is Rs.3,09,535 every year. 

Digital Marketing Manager and Strategist

Digital Marketing Managers and Strategists play the most liable part for arranging, creating, carrying out, and dealing with the digital marketing methodology. Likewise, they are liable for overseeing, directing, and preparing digital marketers and other promoting positions in the group. 

This expert needs to know all digital advertising regions in profound, and the right second to utilize everyone to get the best outcomes with more modest speculation. 

For the most part, they are senior experts that are generally passed by other Digital Marketing regions. 

To work effectively, a total proficient group with multidisciplinary trained professionals has to be in place.

Simply recollect there are a ton of chances for someone who is continually contemplating and keeping refreshed.

The normal compensation of a Digital Marketing Manager (section level) is Rs. 5,48,755 for each annum in India. Though, a Senior Digital showcasing supervisor’s compensation ranges between Rs. 7,09,800-10 lakhs, who has more than 5-9 years of involvement with India. 

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager, or Community Manager, supervises an organization’s collaborations with the general population through executing content systems on social media stages. Their obligations incorporate dissecting commitment information, recognizing patterns in client communications, and arranging computerized missions to fabricate local areas on the web. 

This expert needs to realize how to construct a publication schedule — a significant apparatus to oversee content and draw in the crowd. 

By doing that, the Social Media Manager looks to achieve the consistency of the brand’s voice. 

These experts additionally make and screen social mission results. 

They should have projected the board abilities, the ability to work together with content creation, and relational relationship capacities to include people in general and the social media group.

The normal compensation for Social Media Manager is Rs.25,805 every month in India. Channel by area to see Social Media Manager compensations in your space.

Email Marketing Specialist

An Email Marketing Specialist composes drawing in duplicate utilized in email marketing efforts and projects. Contingent upon the size of the office or organization, the Email Marketer may likewise be liable for fostering the email crusade system and strategies to convey powerful messages. 

This expert characterizes the best procedures to keep ceaseless correspondence with customers using division, sustaining streams, metric investigation, and explicit apparatuses. 

To do that, the Email Marketing Specialist needs to see every sort of email, for example, value-based and limited time. 

In addition, this expert necessities to get a logical vision of the measurements like snap, open, and skip rate to ensure the email marketing effort is successful.

The most significant pay for an Email Marketing Specialist in India is Rs.12,00,000 every year. The least compensation for an Email Marketing Specialist in India is Rs. 2,22,910 every year.

SEO and SEM Specialist

Search Engine Marketing Specialists (SEO/SEM) are answerable for arranging, executing, and dealing with the organization’s generally speaking SEO system. They ordinarily cover a wide assortment of obligations, for example, web marketing, web investigation, content system arranging, external link establishment, and catchphrase methodology. 

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist is the expert responsible for applying the arrangement of procedures to situate a webpage or blog at the firsts brings about search engine pages. 

They utilize a bunch of complicated techniques that include great substance, website page source code, and the client experience on the blog. 

This expert needs to get decent programming thought, and they should consistently keep themselves refreshed with regards to the progressions made by the search engines.

The most significant pay for an SEO/SEM Specialist in India is Rs.9,15,470 every year. The least average salary for an SEO/SEM Specialist in India is Rs.4,12,713 every year. 


A copywriter is somebody who is paid to express “duplicate” – words intended to provoke activity. Copywriting is constantly associated with the demonstration of advancing or selling a business, association, brand, item, or administration, which makes it, by definition, a type of promoting. Copywriting can take a wide assortment of structures: Advertising. 

Copywriters are liable for composing, convincing, advertising, and limited-time materials for a wide assortment of products and services. Furthermore, copywriters assist with characterizing brand voice and guarantee that all duplicates are steady with composing, altering, and sealing materials. 

Copywriters by and large have a Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Marketing, or Communications. Copywriters can work on paper, TV, radio, and the web. The best copywriters have a solid arrangement of work to show while talking with, will more often than not be collective and enthusiastic and are most open to working in a favorable environment.

The average salary for a Copywriter is Rs.4,39,846 every year in India. 


UI/UX Designer

Past the realistic parts of the offer via social media, Digital Marketing requests a decent route insight in web journals and destinations. 

To get it, you’ll need a User Interface and User Experience Designer. 

They are responsible for planning all client activities on the site, foreseeing potential challenges, and guaranteeing a speedy page’s stacking. 

Senior UX/UI Designer is answerable for gathering and making an interpretation of client bits of knowledge into great encounters. a UI/UX creator intently works with a visual planner, item supervisor, and the advancement group to convey UI mockups, models, MVPs, and eventual outcomes.

The normal compensation of a UX planner in India is Rs.6,95,863.

Video Producer for Social Media

A video producer is expected to: Create and foster interactive media (sound/video) content for client stories, inside organization declaration recordings, outside limited time social recordings, item advertising recordings, enrolling recordings, corporate preparing, and other venture-wide activities. 

As online media stages like TikTok come up, brands must be prepared to draw in customers on these stages. These organizations will require Video Producers who can create connecting with content that would chip away at more current stages. On the off chance that you have these abilities, they will be extremely valuable in the coming decade.

A Video Producer is an individual answerable for finding and dispatching a venture; organizing to fund; recruiting authors, a chief, and key individuals from the innovative group; and administering all components of pre-creation, creation, and after creation, straight up to deliver.

The normal salary range for a Video Producer in India is Rs.586186. 

Conversion Rate Optimizer

A Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist is a mixture of a business investigator work fit with a digital marketing position. The CRO specialist will assist you with seeing how your clients use your site and draw in with your online media posts better compared to the hypothesis or a review.

Conversion Rate Optimization is centered around convincing a greater amount of your site guests to make the ideal move you need them to take on a site page, site, or inside a mission.

The national average salary for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Consultant is Rs.34,637 every month in India. 

Automation Expert

An automation specialist is an IT master responsible for creating and planning new programming frameworks by looking into, fixing, keeping up with, and testing frameworks to further develop business tasks. They center around performing examination and exploration to decide the shortcoming and strengths of existing frameworks.

The most significant salary for an Automation Expert in India is Rs.25,79,728 every year.


The interest in Digital Marketing is on a constant rise for a few years. The justification for such tremendous interest is the expanding need for Digital Marketing experts in each industry. Advertising, promoting, and marketing are indispensable pieces of each business and without Digital Marketing the scope for any business is restricted. To develop at a quicker pace, it has turned essential to adjust to Digital Marketing. 

Above mentioned are all the know-hows and whys of Digital Marketing.

So, in this blog, we have mentioned everything you need to know about all the opportunities for a career in Digital Marketing in India. Hope it helps you decide and excel in your career choices.