is whatsapp banned in dubai - The main reasons

In Dubai as well as the Arab Emirates, you want to call or text free from services: Whatsapp, Facetime, Skype ... are blocked. The main cause is Whatsapp banned in Dubai and the current situation.

is whatsapp banned in dubai - The main reasons

Currently utilities for distance learning or team meetings such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype for business currently allow operations in Dubai, but apps that offer free calls are still prohibited. is Whatsapp banned in Dubai is being negotiated between the government and Whatsapp aiming to lift the ban on the use of Whatsapp apps in this country.

The main cause is Whatsapp banned in Dubai

Want to get a lot of money from the people: In Dubai Telecommunication companies are still monopolies of the state. But most of the users are foreigners. So if free calling and texting apps like Whatsapp are allowed means telecom companies lose the majority of their revenue.

Surveillance Security: Dubai wants to monitor all calls from residents and can access them at any time. This infringes upon the privacy of all citizens. On the contrary, apps like Whatsapp do not comply with that request. Privacy is a major concern of Whatsapp and they are always looking for ways to secure information for users. Therefore, for Whatsapp to operate in Dubai, it is a must for the authorities to accept the respect of people's right to confidentiality.

Monopoly economic development: Dubai is a monarchy, and is the kingdom of rapid growth and potential. Banning applications such as Whatsapp or applications related to the ability to develop online sales and service systems will force large companies such as Micrsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon ... to invest in central systems. data here if you want to cooperate. Plus retail services will thrive here. These things help force resources to focus on Dubai for rapid economic development.

New system but old operator: in the last decade, when oil was no longer dominant, countries like Dubai boldly focused on economic development in many other directions. Especially, the digital and automatic development is also gradually developing. But the problem is that people in power are still generations old. They look at the short-term problem and want to collect money right away. The era when BIG DATA is a new way of collecting money, Dubai will have to wait for the next generation of operating systems, more advanced, to catch up with technology faster.

is Whatsapp banned in Dubai is likely to be lifted over the next few years as talks with Whatsapp are underway and have many positive prospects.

How To Unblock and Use Whatsapp in Dubai

Like other countries that ban other applications from the US, especially China, it is difficult but not impossible for people to want to use the application. There are many ways you can use Whatsapp in Dubai. You will have to go through a number of applications or intermediaries if you want to use them. With a powerful enough VPN, you can unblock the Whatsapp chat app from within Dubai and chat in full incognito mode.

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